Professionals with deep knowledge of their field teach at the programme of workshops, which take place in fully equipped laboratories.
E.S.P. darkroom consists  enlargers along with colour processor. E.S.P. Studio has three fully equipped plateaus with view cameras and full sets of flash studio and tungsten lights. E.S.P. computer lab is equipped with high-end hardware, network and peripherals.

Photography Workshop

The seminar focuses on the basics: on shooting with 35mm digital camera, an introduction to digital photography, film development and B&W printing and an introduction of visual perception.

Workshop duration:24 hours


Cyanotype Workshop

Cyanotype is one of the first photographic techniques of the 19thcentury.the workshop gives an introduction to cyanotype, students create negatives for cynotypes which they print them in paper and in cloth.

Workshop duration: 30 hours


Digital photography workshops

This seminar examines digital photography and the digital manipulation of photography by the use of Adobe Photoshop. Under the guidance of tutor students create applications using certain aspects and tools of the related software.

Workshop duration: 24 hours


Web design

Wed design seminar deals with the creation of webpage using related software. Students learn the basic principals of web design with XHTML, CSS and Web Standards by the use of Adobe Dreamweaver and Eclipse. Furthermore the student learns about the webpage hosting methods and management.

Workshop duration: 24 hours


Video editing

Video editing seminar studies the basic techniques of operating moving images, montage and image-sound synchronization. Students use the Adobe Premiere software and familiarize with issues related with video production.

Workshop duration: 24 hours